Welcome to Arcman Corporation’s website. We wish to thank the University of Scranton Small Business Development Center and Mr. Keith Yurgosky for creating and initially hosting the original site. His generosity is not forgotten.

First-time visitors are in for a pleasant surprise. As you explore our website, you’ll discover that creative, original product design, unparalleled quality, value, customer service, and pride in old-fashioned hand craftsmanship are united hallmarks of our business philosophy.

Each time a personally-engraved electrical restoration departs our workshop, someone is destined to acquire a unique addition to their home or office.  Every hand-restored instrument is imbued with electrical history and personality.  No two are exactly alike, and each old-technology artifact is individually signed by the skilled artisan who crafted it.

If you represent any type of electrically or energy-related enterprise and are searching for the perfect personnel award or field-related gift, you have truly arrived.

If you are an electrical tech history buff or antiques aficionado, we are your source for unique restorations you will not find anywhere else.

The beautifully-restored antique electric meters incorporated into our products have contributed 50 ... 60 ... or even 80 years or more of diligent, unwavering service to the industry . . . a most appropriate tribute to a deserving colleague.

When admired by others, our products’ electrical origin quietly, yet dramatically speaks for itself ...... and for the giver’s thoughtfulness. We hear time and again that no other award or gift is as uniquely valued and treasured as the years pass. Our personally-engraved, early-technology electric meter lamps are often accorded status as family heirlooms to be passed down as a special remembrance to future generations.

As always, we offer complimentary personalized engraving, a next-day delivery option on small orders, very reasonable workshop-direct prices, and a generous, iron-clad warranty unmatched anywhere.

We’ve preserved for restoration the world’s largest inventory of antique electric metering instruments. Our business plan thereby positions us as being around for a very long time to come, doing what we really enjoy . . . assembling our special products and pleasing you, our valued customers.

We have the inventory.

May we be of service to you soon?



Jim Sovaiko
Founder and President

P.S.- While we pride ourselves on rapid order turnaround, we encourage our customers to place orders as far in advance as possible. We try to maintain adequate finished inventory, but a sudden surge in demand or a quantity buyer can temporarily deplete us at times. Owing to the meticulous, labor-intensive nature of our work, it may require several weeks to replenish our stock. 

P.P.S.- Your comments or suggestions on our website are most welcome. We hope to continually improve and expand it. E-mail me: jim@classicmeters.com.