In your search for service awards for electrical personnel, you're not likely to find any more appropriate for
the occasion than our custom-tailored Power Plaques. These solid walnut presentation awards incorporate various
original electrical hardware items, including line insulators, brass terminal screws, and ACSR conductor segments.
All are sourced retired electrical installations. Our three types of glass line insulators are sliced vertically in half
using a diamond lapidary saw, leaving a flat, smooth surface. They are then acid-cleaned, and finally bonded to the
walnut plaque of your choice.

Product Descriptions:

Plaque Model WP-110 (9" x 13" ) features polished brass perimeter trim screws and an
engravable mirror-finish brass shield. When an insulator half is bonded to the reflective
shield, a phantom image of the absent insulator half appears.

Plaque Model WP-210S (8" x 11") features polished brass trim screws with a bonded
insulator half.

Plaque Model WP-210C (8" x 11") features two polished ACSR conductor segments
attached to the walnut plaque by four brass mountings, along with a bonded insulator half.


         Personally engraved with your sentiments, any of these special Power Plaques will, at first glance, make an
eye-catching, distinctive statement about the recipient's chosen profession.

-Easy Ordering Information-
            Power Plaque buyers may select from any of the three insulators shown. Please note that, while the brown
saddle-top insulator is a power delivery insulator, either the blue or the clear insulator may be construed as a light
branch line power-type or a telephone/telegraph-type. (You may want to research your particular utility's historical
field application prior to insulator selection.) Indicate your choice on the Order Form insulator choice area with
"BL" for blue, "CL" for clear, or "ST" for saddle-top. Please note that Blue or Saddle-top insulators may vary
in color slightly from those shown. There were so many shades due to the fact that they were not being produced
for aesthetics, but simply for functionality.

-Engraving Information-
            There is no charge for personalized engraving. Each power plaque has a six-line limit with a maximum of
55 character places (letters, spaces, punctuation, etc. combined) per line. Please type or carefully print each
inscription, indicating whether in all upper-case lettering (LIKE THIS) or upper/lower case (Like This).

One suggested engraving format would be:


             Please feel free to ask us any engraving questions you may have. Our engravers have years of experience
and would be pleased to offer advice on layout. Please call weekdays at 1-800-731-6229, 8am-5pm Eastern

            Our computerized engraving process can economically reproduce corporate logos on your Power Plaque.
Please inquire for details.

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