"What Our Customers Have to Say"
All comments were selected at random from thousands on file.
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"Jim,  A few years ago I was Chief Electrical Engineer for Bechtel Power Corp.  At that time when several colleagues were retiring from the company I was looking for the right gift that would express our gratitude as well as remind them of their career in the power industry. You had just the right thing. Thanks for keeping these meters around for them to appreciate."
- Joe McConlogue

"I couldn't believe the care that was taken in the way your product was packed & shipped. Your product far exceeded the photograph in your catalog. We have had over 30 very fine compliments on the meter and the way it is presented." Naples FL

"I decided that your product deserved a more personal evaluation. It was simply great looking! In today's market, for a product to so completely meet all advertised claims, is unheard of. I have waited before contacting you, so I could include the man's reactions . . . he was quite simply 'blown away'." Hertford NC

"Without fail, every time we have had need to order from your company, we have received the most prompt, courteous, and professional service. We choose to stop and say "thank you"! You have made the privilege of rewarding the representatives of our member cities for their coveted services an even more special event through your high caliber of products, workmanship and service." Lamar CO

"I received the lamp today and it is absolutely beautiful. It will make the contributors and one retiree very happy. I don't know
how large your company is, but it is definitely first rate. You provide a unique product at a fair price and excellent service
that is sure to see
Arcman Corporation grow and prosper. I will pass along the catalog and recommend you to others without hesitation." Kingman AZ

"I wish we knew each of you personally and that each of you could have been at the retirement party. The workmanship and personal touch that you incorporated into the meter lamp was outstanding. THANKS!!" Lincoln NE

"Lots of companies like to hype their quality, but I found your restoration of the meter really lived up to my expectations. The real compliment came from my wife . . . she pronounced it 'perfect' when she saw how well it fit in." Tempe AZ

"After 32 years of service, this is a wonderful retirement gift. Will enjoy it." Tabor SD

"We have had the good fortune to have won two of these units now and they are just excellent.
 Well done!" Kamloops, British Columbia

"It is even more beautiful and special than we anticipated. A perfect college graduation gift." Charleston SC

"Very nice. A real piece of nostalgia. I am employed by American Electric Power in Columbus OH and have wanted one of these for years! Thanks for a real fine restoration!" Gahanna OH

" . . . I was employed as First Assistant to Mr. Samuel Langly, Chief Engineer, Research & Development (for) Thomas A. Edison.

Please engrave 'Personal Property of E.A.K.' " East Orange NJ

"Product looks very well constructed. Should last a long time. A quality product." Frankfort IL

"It's beautiful. We will treasure this meter lamp." Sonora CA

"It is beautiful and fits in nicely with the many antiques that decorate our home. A great retirement gift." Aurora CO

"GREAT & really cool!" Ft. Walton Beach FL

"Very unique. Very good conversation piece. Fascinates everyone." Columbus NE

"Best quality gift I have ever ordered, better built than any car on the market. I will cherish this." Holbrook NY

"Thank you! A work of art that I will appreciate always." St. James NY

"It is a beautiful lamp that will be treasured always. Nothing could have pleased me better for a retirement gift." Mt. Ayr IA

"The lamp was a gift from a friend and I think it is wonderful." Nine Mile Falls WA

"It is gorgeous!!! My compliments to your employees." Anchorage AK

"Beautiful! A true work of art. This is close to my heart since my father was employed by Westinghouse for 30 years. Thanks for making this available." Valrico FL

"I was presented with this lamp as a retirement gift and there was nothing that could have pleased me more. . . I will be proud to show this fine piece of craftsmanship to my friends. Your company can be proud of the fine work you have done with these meters . . . Thanks to all of you for helping to make my retirement a happy and memorable day." North Muskegon MI

"I am delighted with the superb condition of the meter, its mounting, engraved plate, and lamp components . . . (my lamp) was to commemorate my retirement from 27 years as electric commissioner. I've always dreamed of owning one. Our staff almost gave up finding one . . . Recommendation: let more people in our industry know about you. THANK YOU!!" Attleboro Falls MA

"Simply magnificent! I was unaware that these unique lamps were still available. I retired after 48 years in the industry and I shall covet this wonderful device." Cookstown, Ontario

"I received (it) as a prize from my electrical industry club. I was thrilled to say the least!" Coppell TX